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Congrats to our U18 J1 side who defeated Valley last night to take the title. 

This is back to back titles for this side.

Well done lads on a great season.

Many thanks to Nathan Francey (Coach) and Eddie Westcott (Assistant) for all your efforts.

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'Saints July21 results catchup:

8/7 BHL1 vs Commercial, won 4-3

8/7 BHL2 vs Commercial, lost 2-4

9/7 J1 vs Bulimba, won 4-2

10/7 BHL1 vs Labrador, won 2-1
10/7 BHL2 vs Labrador, drew 3-3
10/7 BHL3 BYE
11/7 BHL4 vs Easts, won 5-2
11/7 BHL5 vs UQ1, drew 1-1

15/7 BHL3 vs Commercial, won 3-1
16/7 J1 vs Easts, won 2-1

17/7 BHL1 vs Redcliffe, won 15-1
17/7 BHL2 vs Redcliffe, won 7-3
17/7 BHL3 vs Redcliffe, drew 2-2
18/7 BHL4 vs Commercial, won 5-2
18/7 BHL5 vs Valley, lost 0-1

23/7 J1 vs Valley, won 5-3
24/7 BHL1 vs Kedron Wavell, won 14-0
24/7 BHL2 vs Kedron Wavell, won 4-1
24/7 BHL3 vs SWU2, won 8-1

25/7 BHL4 vs Valley, lost 1-2

25/7 BHL5 vs SWU, lost 2-5

30/7 J1 vs Redcliffe, won 9-1


PSD8. 2

'Saints results wc 26/6

Strong seasons results continue:

BHL1 vs Bulimba, won 6-3

BHL2 vs Bulimba, won 2-1

BHL3 vs Bulimba, won 8-0

BHL4 vs Easts, won 5-3

BHL5 vs Easts, won 1-0

J1s NO GAME, U18 State Champs.

Congrats to the six 'Saints J1 players selected in the Queensland U18 Squad for trials in Feb'22:

Riley Profke, Jacob Anderson, Liam Harrold, Rhys Stenzel, Beau Millburn (GK) and Cooper Punch.



St Andrews Ladies and PRSt Andrews Mens Div1 sides

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Div2 sides showing off their Pink Socks

Thankyou Budget Direct for your $5000 donation to the National Breast Cancer Research Foundation

'Saints results 19/6 round:


BHL1 won 7-3 vs Valley

BHL2 won 4-2 vs Valley
BHL3 won 7-0 vs Valley
BHL4 won 5-3 vs Easts
BHL5 won 1-0 vs Easts
J1 won 10-2 vs Redcliffe (pictured)

j 1 psd

Pink Socks Day 19/6, raising money for the NBCRF

Our Annual Pink Socks Day, raising money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, is celebrated over this weekend with all club players wearing PINK SOCKS.   Come down and enjoy our club day at Chermside on the 19/6 and watch our Senior Mens teams take on Valleys from noon, see you there.

PSD21  Flier v 3

'Saints results 12/6 round

WC 12/6:

BHL1 vs Norths, 8-2 win

BHL2 vs Norths, 7-1 win

BHL3 vs SWU, 1-1 draw

BHL4 vs Norths, 2-2 draw

BHL5 vs UQ2, 1-1 draw

J1 vs Valleys, 2-3 loss

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'Saints results catchup

Results catchup:

WC 22/5:

BHL1 vs Kedron Wavell, 8-2 win

BHL2 vs Kedron Wavell, 10-0 win

BHL3 vs SW2, 5-1 win

BHL4 vs Easts, 1-3 loss

BHL5 vs Kedron Wavell, 0-0 draw

J1 No games

WC 29/5:

BHL1 vs Easts, lost 4-5 (Fish Cup, pictured)
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BHL2 vs Easts, drew 1-1

BHL3 vs Easts, drew 1-1

BHL4 vs Commercial, 2-2 draw

BHL5 vs Redcliffe, 0-1 loss

J1 vs Bullimba, 4-3 win

WC 5/6:

BHL1 vs UQ, won 5-2

BHL2 vs UQ, won 4-0

BHL3 vs UQ, won 4-3

BHL4 vs Valley, won 5-1

BHL5 vs Bullimba, won 3-2

J1 vs Easts, 4-4 draw

'Saints results 15/5 round:

BHL1 vs Redcliffe 4-0 win

BHL2 vs Redcliffe 1-3 loss

BHL3 vs Redcliffe 4-4 draw

BHL4 vs Bulimba 9-0 win

BHL5 vs SWU 1-2 loss

J1 vs Commercial 7-1 win

Tom  Madden

'Saints results 8/5 round:

BHL1 vs Labrador 1-1 draw

BHL2 vs Labrador 2-2 draw


BHL4 vs UQ 2-1 win

BHL5 vs Valleys 0-2 loss

J1 vs Redcliffe 11-0 win

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U21 Burra Camp Selections

Congrats to Liam Hart, Luke Randle and Zac Profke on their invitation to the Burras U21 camp on the GC this month. Fingers crossed for selection news for the Junior World Cup side.


Queensland U21 Selections

Well done to the FIVE 'Saints players on their selection in the 2021 Qld U21s:

Liam Hart

Luke Randle

Zac Profke

Elijah Mathewson (shadow)

Eddie Westcott (shadow)

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'Saints results 24/4 round

Another weekend of great results, strong start to the season:

BHL1 4-1 win vs Commercial

BHL2 2-3 loss to Commercial

BHL3 6-1 win vs Commercial

BHL4 3-2 win vs Easts

BHL5 Did not play

J1 Boys 4-1 win vs Valley

'Saints results 17/4 round

Great results from last weekend:

BHL1 12-2 win vs Valleys

BHL2 8-2 win vs Valleys

BHL3 10-1 win vs Valley

BHL4 5-2 win vs Norths

BHL5 0-5 loss to UQ

J1 Boys 3-1 win vs Easts

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'Saints Seniors Results Wk1'21

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A great start to the season for our Div1, Div2 and Div3 sides with each team winning over Bulimba the first round of the season last weekend (10/4):   Scores were Div1 9-2, Div2 6-0, Div3, 5-1.

Div4 also defeated Valley 3-0 and Div5 defeated Norths 3-1.

2020 What a year for 'Saints: BHA Club Champions for Junior Boys and Senior Mens

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